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Was she trying to get me to feel bad for the ex?

I Just Wanna Feel Loved
I Just Wanna Feel Loved

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I'm on Day 41 of NC by far. I was/am still doing great. A couple days ago, though, something happened that made me question it a bit today. I haven't really thought of it much until today, and yeah... Here goes, my closest friend is also good friends with my ex. My ex treated me horribly during the breakup and even went as far as jumping to another relationship for some reason I don't even know yet. I guess you could say he rebounded. They were together a month, and the girl ironically dumped him.


My friend texted me four days ago and the convo went like this:


Her: I know you dont care about C (my ex) but I like how A (his gf/now ex gf) broke up with him last week. Not even last week a few days ago.


Me: Oh that sucks. What happened?


Her: She just called him up and was like. Gay btw its over.


Me: * * * haha random


Her: Isnt that some balls? (Intrepertation: Doesn't that suck?)


Me: What? lol


Her: Yea. Cause M (cousin of the girl) asked her why. And she was like idk cause i can.


Me: Ew


Her: Yea. And then she asked C and he didn't even know why


Me: Ah well. Life's a * * * * * .


Her: Yea. Thats some * * * * though. Id be pissed as * * * * .



I don't know, I just have this feeling in my gut that she was trying to get some reaction out of me or something. I've known my friend for years and you just know when your friend starts to act out of character, you know?


I don't know. What do you guys think?

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Girls like to gossip and create drama. Do you know your ex put her up to this? (I mean, encouraged her to tell you) or maybe your friend is just trying to make you feel better. There's nothing like hearing your ex got burned.



See, she knows I have suffered a lot during the break up, but I was starting to act more happy again and that's when the text convo started. Like I said, she is also good friends with my ex and people have in the past kept annoying me by updating on his personal life. I told them all to quit it, and today is the first day they have stopped bringing him up. (FINALLY! lol)


But I made it clear to everyone that I did not care for the ex anymore and that I am happy and what not. Then, the texts came in. It's just weird how she would tell me this even though she knows I don't care for him.


I don't know.

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