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Friend Getting On My Nerves

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Honestly, I don't really have any close friends anymore accept for my boyfriend and my one offline friend who I have been friends with for 10 years. The offline friend really gets on my nerves sometimes. I know that is horrible but it is true...


He always is asking for something. I hate when people do that, friends or not. I have no problem with this most of the time but other times its just annoying.


We spend a lot of time together, everyday he wants to hang out, and if I say no or say I am busy he pretty much turns into an * * * * * * * about it most of the time, complaining or going "Bleh or blah" if I say no. I am sick of it. I really do care about him, but he also owes me money. Those of you who read that thread may know who I am talking about...


Anyways its that or wanting a drive somewhere. Keep in mind he has his own car but right now it doesn't work. I am ok with driving him to the store and crap but last night for instance he said "We should take a drive to (town name) tomorrow for I can get my money to get that car" Alright so the town name is my hometown and I was just there Tuesday to deliver my mom her moms day gifts because I worked all weekend... I didn't get my car to be a taxi service... And lately I have had no time to myself because there is always something to do or work...


If I even try to tell him I want to just chill at home he again becomes stupid and manipulative about it. Its retarded.... I am sure people on this forum like to have some time to theirself alone once in a while...


Its just the way I am, I like my privacy... Now my car I got for free from my dad but its old and used, its a 1998 sunfire. I got the car to make my life and my boyfriends easier, its cheaper then paying for cabs. I still am going to visit my hometown monthly probably I just don't want to start driving it around when it doesn't need to be.


I know some of you may be thinking I am being anal about the car thing, but I am in debt, trying to work at a grumy job and hopefully get full time by summer, and try to help with bills again. The car is in decent shape but I just want to try and get a few years out of it.


I am going to get myself in a bad situation though I think... Last night I told my friend while we were at work if I get that comp I might invite him along but now I am not sure I want to, he will probably start begging me to take him to my hometown which I don't feel like dealing with today. My boyfriend showed interest in going to the store with me and though it might be wrong to let my boyfriend go over him, I hardly spend time with my boyfriend. I spend more time with my friend then my boyfriend...


I was thinking of just lieing and saying that I am not getting the computer today but then I will just get myself in a bad situation.


I know this all seems rather childish but I don't want to deal with my friend today, I just don't... I worked with him all weekend anyways so a day apart is no big deal.


I know I should just tell him I want to go with my boyfriend instead but I am trying to avoid a fight... Though if there is a fight he will be the one starting it, not me.


I dunno.... What should I do or say to my friend? I am thinking of just telling him the truth that I want to go with my boyfriend if I get the new comp, I just don't want to deal with my friend probably starting a fight and being manipulative...

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Well basically you should tell your friend that he is overwhelming you a little with his constant neediness. I would hate this. You do have the right to some alone time and also the right to spend time with OTHER people, including your boyfriend.


Your friend will SURELY kick up a fuss but this is just him being manipulative to get his own way. Why should he? Just ignore any fuss he makes. Just tell him you're sorry but you would like to go with your boyfriend for once. Tell him that he is being a bit too much at the moment and you need some time away. Anyone would think he was your boyfriend.

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I'm not sure why you keep referring to him as a friend. He's nothing but a user! Tell him to scram! How does your boyfriend feel about you spending more time with this friend than him? I've had plenty of users enter my life, and I'll give a friend the shirt off my back if need be, but if a person can't contribute to the friendship, then I kick 'em to the curb!

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