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I cannot figure out what actually my gf wants?


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It's been more that two years we are together. My gf told that she do not want to continue relationship with me. I was shocked as every thing is going smoothly just two days ago. When I asked her what is the reason behind this, she showed family problem. When I did not agreed, she made other bad stories to break up with me like she had other bf, she already had sex with other guy etc. Even though I felt very bad, I thought she just want to get rid of me or testing my love. So, I did not gave up, then after a long conversation and fight, I request her not to do this, she finally agreed to continue relationship with me as usual. But, still she in always trying to show me down and behaving with me badly and ignoring me. Then, after a long thoughts and counseling with other people, I found out that I should also break up with her and should not continue relationship with her. So, I told her that I am agreeing with you to break up this relationship. I also do not want to continue this relationship. Then she was shocked and told when she told to break up with this relationship. She even did not remember that she had once tried to break up this relationship. She also told if she do not want to break up now then, I told I had already taken the decision.


So, what actually she wants from me? Is she playing game with me or she really loves me and trying to find out whether my love is true or not? No one knows me better than me and I think she is too young and someone had given her bad advice and told something about the guys like they will cheat you bla bla bla.........


As I already made my decision, I had not contact with her as I think if she really want's me to come back in her life then she will do everything as I did before, but till now she had not contacted me.


I am pretty confused what should I do? Did I did right thing or not?

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Ya you should go NC. And not for reasons of getting back together. Seems to me she treats you pretty badly. Shes playing games with your head. You dont want a girl that will do that, she needs to grow up.


I'd say do you best to move on. But its also hard being the one in the situation, but from all of our perspectives i think everyone will agree to let it go.

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She's Not Texting Me Like She U...
She's Not Texting Me Like She Used To


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