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Don't know what to do...


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My story goes as follows:


I have liked this girl from afar for quite sometime now about a year and a half. I think that she might think i'm a nice guy but i don't really talk to her. I've been working at getting to know her etc. I've talked to her online a lot and i've asked her once to dinner when she was really down on herself online (i know that was really wrong sorry) She said no but thanks a lot for the offer. I've been trying to talk to her but i really only can talk to her friends and if she comes around i get really nervous (i'm used to public speaking and what not; but this is a lot worse than that). So i don't know. I hav this really hard time talking to her.


I think she likes me i'm not sure here is that situation: at lunch breakfast what not at least earlier this yaer she used to turn around to look at me etc. and all my friends noticed it .. it was really obvious so i don't know what that means.


She is really good looking to me but not to anyone else so i''ve always wondered if she thought she might like me sorta or trying to like me because no one else likes her?


I dunno that might be knida far fetched / justificiation to talk to her and hopes for not being rejected. But anyways, I want to invite her to a movie or to the prom thats coming up in about 2 months. I go on spring break for a month soon and i wanna try to get something down pat soon. I'm not sure what to do and how i can accelerate a friendship fast etc. if i have a hard time takling to her? any helpful hints etc? thanks everyone!

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thas good if she thinks ur a nice guy,...so thats a plus for you for starters. Keep working on getting to know her for the person she is, versus the image that u or others may perceive her to be. That wasnt bad 4r u to ask her to dinner when she was down online, u said it was wrong...but taht was very gentleman like, in my view of the situation.


Keep talking to her friends also, because if ur comfortable around them, you will eventually learn to be comfortable in her presense with them as well, as they will grow to be ur friends as well...thus, an "mutual" circle of friends u will have in common with her. She may or may not be interested in u, that can be determined better over time, once ur able to open up and get to know her a little better.


Thats ashame that you would let something as petty as the way your friends feel about her looks interfer with what ur heart is feeling. If u find her beautiful...and they dont...look at it in a positive light...as if ...they wont hit on ur girl behind ur back...yet. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, and i must say that a beautiful heart will add to the physical beauty that you find in her as well...and take ur relationship far places that ud never dream possible...whereas they might be miserable with a partner that will treat them with no respect and poorly... you could wind up with a gift from God that will nourish you and take care of you (God forbids) if u are in an accident leaving u paralyzed from ur neck down...reassuring u with confidence that she loves u and is there to STAY... when they may have the most beautiful woman in the world ..that would walk out on them in the same situation. So u must live for urself, and make ur own decisons when it comes to happiness...


actually, i find my girlfrends husband to be awfully bad looking. Hes a great guy, and treats her real nice..and that makes him attractive to me...nor does she find the guys attractive that ive may adore...but back to ur story...


dont try to excellerate things, because rushed relationships usualy are doomed because u dont get to iron out small details that can blow up later. Take ur time in gettin to know her, but please do open up and start talking to her. Strike up a conversation over small things, im sure u can think of something that will capture her interest... Treat her kindly, but the same way ud do any of ur other female friends, no differently...it will ease the tension of talking to her...


good luck with whateva u do...



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today i sat next to her during breakfast. I dun't know what i was thinking it went pretty south. I sat down kinda inbetween her friend and her.. by accident.. i was gonna sit at this other seat but ti was really close to her and then the otnly other open seat was between her and her friend .. well there were other open seats but they were covered with books / notebooks / papers so di didn't know what was going on. So as i put my tray down they both kinda stopped talking and it was really awkward until uhm, my friend molly came and started talking a lot which was cool. And i kinda talked to the group as a whole but i dunno . I think amybe it was just morning? well i left befoer they did and then they left shortly after ... so i kinda felt good about the situation in the morning but then i realized at lunch they stopped taklign etc. which wasn't cool or aynthing. but then during diner i talked to a friend that knows her pretty well and said my chances with her are -2% .. i thought they were like .01 % .. but whatever at least the number seems to be getting bigger anyways any suggestions of what i should do? Should i try to talk to her again.. should i try to ask her out, or talk to her somemore or just takl to her friends ... i'm kinda at a loss here. Thanks everyone

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