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Advice on Yoga equipment

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I am going to be starting a new gym next to my college tomorrow and one of the classes that is offered is candle light yoga on Friday evenings...now I want to buy a yoga mat, but have no clue as to which one is best...when I did a google yoga accessories came up.


If any of you know what type of things you need for yoga let me know...I would like to buy something within the week....what other accessories do you need other than a mat?


What type of mat is best and what is a good price?


Any suggestions !


Yes, I am starting something new and very excited too. I would restart my belly dancing classes, but it doesn't fall on a day I can be there on time.


I went to cancel my membership at the other sports club I was at because I would like to be next to my college in between classes and still get my workouts. The owner of the other gym was so rude and didn't even say anything to me except, "oh so your going to xxxxx now huh", then handed me my cancellation paper looked at me like I had a new head growing from my shoulder and walked away...I will never never go there again...oh and he says to me if I want to come do my martial arts there then I have to pay $15 per visit...huh...well thanks guy...since I only spent a fortune for 5 years at your place at least he could have said, "sorry to see you go"....jerk !


Anyway, it's time for a change...me and my ex used to go there as a martial arts team and I didn't want any memories of better times so, I decided to go some new place, which is more convenient for me.


Haven't told my Karate instructor I have left...don't really know what or how to tell him...he is my hero and I admire him so very much, and I will see him at tournaments, promotionals, and sparring on Saturdays when I can get the day off.


So anyway back to the present...yoga!


I am so excited...I have already spoke with the manager of membership and they are going to let me start several weeks without pay until my check clears at the end of the month..hehehehe... 2 weeks for free ! I will go sign up after class tomorrow...can't wait ! A New Beginning !!!!


BTW everyone I didn't get laid off !

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My mat is made of some rubber-like polymer that sticks to the floor. It's at least 6 feet long and I think I paid about $20 for it.


I am allergic to latex so do they have other than rubber? What do other accessories is need for yoga? I seen there was a long list of things to buy for yoga.

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I am allergic to latex so do they have other than rubber? What do other accessories is need for yoga? I seen there was a long list of things to buy for yoga.


I just use a hand towel (for sweat), a cork block (to lean on), a water bottle, and a mat.


I'm sure they make mats of all different materials. The important thing is not to slide around on the floor, that could hurt.

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loose fitting pants are good, and I know some folks that use corn starch on their feet. Most folks at my gym just use a fitted tank top, loose capris. I don't see many accessories - the gym seems to provide most everything. Then again, I haven't tried in a long time so maybe things have changed.

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I've taken a few yoga classes in the past, and only one of them used sliding discs from time to time (which I have never seen for sale, actually, and which the gym provided). The vast majority of the exercises did not require any sort of accessory. Hence, unless it's a specialized yoga class or unless you have special needs (blocks make some exercises easier), I wouldn't worry about spending money on all the extras, except for comfortable clothing, a water bottle, and, of course, a mat. A carrying bag or carrying strap for the mat might be a good idea, too, but it's by no means necessary.

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