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How can i stop being so jealous?


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When this guy i am seeing goes out with his friends i get jealous. i dont question him, but internally i get myself worked up. i know that he only wants to be with me, but i worry he will meet someone even prettier than me. here is the crazy part: i know i am pretty! in fact, i do get hit on, but ignore them.

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Do you really think he's that shallow? Do you really think that looks are all you have to offer? If so, your jealousy is understandable. However, I'm guessing that this is far from the truth ...


Look at all the ways you two connect, not just the physical aspects of your relationship, and let yourself know that he's not going to come anywhere near achieving this with someone he's only just met! It's not just the person, their looks, intelligence, whatever that keeps people together, but the relationship, shared history and the common bond.


You ignore people who hit on you. Why should he be any different?

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Has he ever given you reason to not trust him? If not, then it's entirely your own insecurity issues. If he hasn't ever given you reason to doubt him, then you are being irrational.


Like the poster above said: "You ignore people who hit on you. Why should he be any different?"

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