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okay, so i read all over this about "nc"


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here's what i've taken away from this forum so far. no contact is NOT meant to get your ex back. but i swear, that seems to be working better than anything so far. i've read tw jackson, mort fertel, and a bunch of other relationship "experts" takes on how to create a sense of urgency. nc seems to be the common denominator.


so, my wife moved out a few month ago. since that time, we have spent quite a bit of time together, lunches, dinners, movies, sunday drives. on of our marriage counselors said "this is not a separation in any sense, other than her defensive self-protection."


so the past several days, i have resisted the urge to contact her. lo and behold, she has been asking me to do things with her all weekend! i hafta say it's been a wonderful weekend! a trip to "wine country," a trip to a historical landmark for a day hike, dinner twice, tv, movie. very relaxing. we get along great.


i don't wanna count my chickens before they hatch, but it seems to me like my efforts at nc are "working." what do you think?

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