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Best dating sites?


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I agree, lazy people shouldn't date. but i agree, looking for good dating sites can be a hastle. Esspecially because a lot of times you go through the hour long process of signing up and fill out your profile and then they want money for you to contact others.


I tried several, but the one I liked is link removed


and no, im not just saying that because thats where i met the guy I have been with for a year now.


I am saying that because i truly feel they were the best site. It was completely free, you can contact anyone. you get 3 'woos' a day. which is just a fancy way of telling someone you like their pics. there is also a little instant message thing on the site that allows you to chat with people rather than constant email or giving them your IM SN. (don't need to download anything).

The profiles are very indepth and have a few questions that really gets people to fill it in.

There is also a feature where you answer a bunch of questions, mostly random but have to do with what you want in a guy/girl. They use this to give you match %. But ignore that. It hardly ever matched me with people I seemed to like as well as others I talked to on there, they agreed it was bogus. but they have a * * * report. which is you click on someones page that you want one, and then if they agree you get a little report showing what Q's you disagreed on and what their answers were.


I really liked the site. Of all the ones I tried (and I tried many) it was the most indepth and easy to figure out.

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I didnt like ok cupid. too many 50 year olds messaging me.


LOL. I got that a lot.

and people just randomly messaging me "wana have sex" and other stuff like that. I just blocked them, and eventually it went away. But I found it kind of funny and hilarious when I got them. It was disturbing yes, but kinda funny.


I didn't even have my first name in my profile though, I wanted to protect myself! but ya, don't ever give personal stuff out like that.

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Found a good dating site at link removed

It's got free profiles and free basic membership, with paid memberships (upgrades)

also available. It's got international coverage as well as NZ, and I particularly

like the dating tips at link removed and the free romance tarot readings at link removed


I've met and dated several interesting people through this site, and every one of them turned out to be the kind of person I'm attracted to.


Cheers, OzOmega

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If I want a fast date, craigslist is where I would turn. Lot of garbage and fake ads on there, but if you can sift through the rubble, you can find something decent.


Others would fall into the realm of paysite. Free works for me at the moment.

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