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so after 11 months my ex has decided to txt me.


he mentions a nite from our past and apologises for being a knob and asks how i am.


do i reply?


i have moved on...i am in love


i dont even care about how much he hurt me and said he doesnt want to be friends and for us to never contact eachother again.


i dont want to be rude but what should i do?

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If you moved on, then a reply is shouldn't be anything more then you replying to a friend. So I say yes. Reply and let him know that you are doing well and thank him for asking. I wouldn't ask about him unless you want to open a door to let him in somewhat.

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I agree, I would not completely ignore it, unless you think talking to him in any fashion is going to invite him back into your life against your will. I invited an ex that I had a very bitter break up with to link to me on Linked In (8 years later). He accepted with no comment. I was fine with that - I simply had felt the need to heal the chasm, and get closure and I felt that was good enough. Maybe he needs the same. Tell him you're fine, doing great, happy or something very positive, say thanks and goodbye.

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My friend had this happen to her yesterday after 2 years of NC. She got a text in the middle of lunch. Been with a new guy for 18 months and has just moved in with him.


She replied to him, "I appreciate the text, but there was no need. No hard feelings."


It seemed to work becuase she text me before he never text back!

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thanks for all the advice


i texted back simply saying i was great and i hope he is too. i didn't ask any questions that might lead on to me having a reply from him.



Its weird because 10 months ago ..i begged and prayed that he would text me thinking it would make me the happiest person in the world but now i feel nothing if not slightly irritated by the memory of him.

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