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When to talk about hypotheticals?

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I met someone who lives 90 miles from me (1.5 hrs drive time). I know it's not that far away, but it's still long distance. I say that knowing that alot of you are hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away from your love interests.


We've had 4 dates so far in a month period, and the interest is definitely there. Good chemistry, things in common, and she's a definite mature, responsible, strong character woman....ahhh...lol...nice for a change from who i've dated in the past!


My job, in a major city, is such a job that I cannot move. I won't get into particulars, but I just can't. She works for herself, and could definitely do what she does there...here. Please don't think of me as selfish for saying that, like it's as simple as a snap of the fingers and 'poof'...lol....I'm a realist, i get it.


So my question is....When do you have the hypothetical talks as to 'If this starts going really well between us.....what will happen?'


She's 35, I'm 37. She wants someday to have kids , as do I. She wants to be married someday, as do I.


When, in the vein of not wanting to waste time for either of us, do we talk about that? And how do you talk about it in a non-threatening, presumptuous way?

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You start discussing when it feels right for both of you.


My husband lived about that far from me when we first met. Our first date was Sept. 2001. He'd moved to where I lived by January 2002 and we got married July 02.


That time line may be "too fast" for a lot of people, but we're still happily married, so it worked just fine for us.

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