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I wish I could be a robot or shut my feelings off completely.

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About everything. I feel too much, about everything I feel. Its very exhausting and annoying and i'm sick of it. It's all too consuming and I dont like it anymore.


Feelings are feelings, you can't control how you feel, you just do. Whats so exhausting and mind consuming that makes you feel this way???

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Finding inner peace requires accepting yourself for who and what you are and steping away from cyclical self depreciating thought patterns that, although familiar and oddly comfortable, are emotionally damaging. The hardest part is deciding to change the way you think about yourself because it isn't something you' may be used to doing. It gets easier after that but you have be kind to yourself and realize that all your problems won't disappear overnight but if you choose to think positively about yourself, in time you will be better able to deal with the hardships life may throw at you.


It might be a good idea to talk to a close friend about this or even a counsellor.

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