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Alright, I realize how ridiculous this all will be and that I'm still young and growing mentally as well as physically. But I would appreciate some help D:


I met this girl three months ago and I could tell she really liked me a lot. So after talking to her awhile I decided hell, I could use somebody I'll give her a shot. So I kept talking to her and getting to know her for a month and a half and then on one of our dates asked her out (omitting details). Needless to say we are boyfriend and girlfriend respectively.


We generally spend a few nights a week together lying in her bed and talking about our lives and life in general. Nothing much has really happened in term of sexuality and I'm quite okay with that. I mean my hormones get the best of me sometimes, but she doesn't let me do anything she's uncomfortable with, or vice versa.


Tonight, after keeping me waiting for about an hour, I finally got to see her. At first it was fun and enjoyable. We talked with her parents for awhile and then departed upstairs where we proceeded to discuss the previous week. After a few minutes and some funny internet videos etc. she said she was feeling sick. I just kind of tried to comfort her and she said she was feeling anxious. So we laid there for awhile and she started to feel okay again sort-of.


Well, I mean, I get sick ~all~ the time so I totally understand. But even when she said she was feeling better she kind of seemed out of it and like she didn't want me around. I didn't directly ask her because I knew she had been feeling sick and I didn't want to add pressure to her. I understand people need their alone time, I know I do. But...I don't know!


Maybe I just needed to get that off my chest because I already feel better. I mean, we were texting afterwards and she seemed alright even though she was acting a little more sassy then usual and being a bit rude to me. But I asked her why she was being so rude and she apologized and said she was just kidding and wasn't being serious.


Well thanks for reading, and I'd appreciate anything you may have to say about my little encounter.

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