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This is my story


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Kay , I was dating this guy Jamie for a few months we had broken up on April 14th . I new it was coming , he wasn't talking to me much anymore nore we're we seeing eachother as much , maybe once twice a week . On the 14th of April I had asked him why he didn't want to talk all he could respond with was I unno . I asked him if he wanted to be togeather all he could respond with is I unno . So I told him im done . We didn't speak till the upcoming friday , I had asked him if he would like to be friends and he agree'd but shortly after he mentioned that he had missed me , He said he wanted me . He ended up coming over shortly after , we talked and he explained why he loved me . Everything seemed perfect that night . But than for the next three weeks he didn't speak a word to me . Just this recent wednesday he finally spoke to me again , I had asked him what happened after that friday he told me that it didn't feel right . So we decided to be friends . He of course asked me if I was dating anyone , Which I wasn't . I was not ready to move on yet . Than he went on about how he slept with four different girls , in those few weeks and one in particular he ended up having feelings for but he lost her . Than yesterday ( Friday ) he messaged me saying again that he missed me ! and that he wanted me ! and asked if he would be able to come over , I allowed it . He came over and we talked , He kept on appologizing for what he had done , He said sorry for using me that friday night . That I didn't deserve that and that he was shocked that I allowed him back . He ended up spending the night with me , It seemed as if we we're a couple again but I wasn't completely sure myself . Tonight ( Saturday ) I asked him where this left us , are we togeather again? or ? And he responded with No Clue . Than shortly after said we'll see .


I truley care about this man , We had been close friends for 6 years before we started dating one another .

Im Just not sure if this would be a good idea to keep trying to repair our relationship ?

Or If Im getting used again just for sex ? since that's what he had done the friday a few weeks before


I was just wondering What your opinions are on this ?

Sorry that it was long .

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I know where you are coming from. The first guy I dated after my separation/divorce, I had strong feelings for. He was the one to throw out the "L" word, yet he stopped talking to me for 3 weeks. When we started speaking and dating again, he never said that word again. It was just dates, making out (Im not ready for sex again yet), I kept thinking that he would feel that way again, until I woke up and realize I wanted...no NEEDED, something more. So I broke it off with him and we are just friends again now. He even has wished me the best with my current boyfriend.

I say that yes...he is using you, and you need to cut him loose. After a few months or whatever time you feel is acceptable, you two could be friends again. But my opinion is to definitely not let him have his cake and eat it too.

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