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girl date a guy with less educaiton and status, and money


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was wondering this -would a girl with a bachelors degree, makes more money, drive a nicer car date or go out with a guy with lower education, makes less, and drives a less $$ car. if so why would she date him-is the reason b/c she can;t find that guy that is more educated and makes more money and drives a more $ car. what happens if you just have 2 year community college education, normal entry level car-civic, and ok pay. and the girl has a 4 year degree or higher and drives a BMW m3 or some high end car. would she date a guy like us

any guys have dated these girls that are more higher end and on differ class level, and if she did why did she-resaonnsss


if your a girl esp asian i like to hear your advice, i am told asian are more into status and money and....etc i am chinese


one of the reason i don;t approach girls since i see if their education that they have higher educaiton and status job they might not even want me-so why bother

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You need not worry so much about money, status, etc. If you meet a girl that cares only about that....be THANKFUL she won't date you. You need substance. Of course you will have better luck with someone who grew up the way you did, you will have more in common. Regardless of what girl you talk to, just be yourself. If she is a good person she will like you for who you are and not what you have or make. Kindness and unselfishness can many times make up for any lack of money or education....trust me

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I am not asian, but as long as a man is willing to further his education it would be fine.


Me personally I want a man who has at least the same or more education, but I wouldn't deny a man the chance to date me because of education with the exception. I will NOT date any man without some college and for sure if he didn't graduate from HS then he don't have a snowballs chance with me.


Since girls/women in their younger years MAY want children they might want a man who will be able to provide a good home for their offspring.


You can continue college and get a higher education nothing stopping you! Do it now while your single.


Best wishes to you!!

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I drive a rather old car at present, that is a little the worse for wear in a couple of places, and if that puts some women off, then that's excellent; I've filtered out the gold-diggers and status seekers without even needing to do anything. Meanwhile, my personality, education and incredible personal charm(!) remain shiny and up-to-date!

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I think as long as you show some incentive to be open minded and willing to move up in the world (do well in your career and so forth, not be stagnant) and be driven by something, then the right girl will love you as you are.


I've had those quips about money and so on aimed towards me....I really couldn't care less. I am proud of my working class Yorkshire roots and couldn't give a monkeys about what any girl thinks of me because my experiences made me who I am today. The right lady will appreciate that, and me for me.


Good Luck!

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Every woman is different. I would not date a guy who does not have a college education. But I'm just one person. So that's really neither here nor there. Being less wealthy than me wouldn't bother me as much. While I'd prefer a guy who makes around the same amount of money I do, it's not a dealbreaker.

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I'm a subway rider and have never had trouble. I'm also not rich, but I'm not poor either, I hold no degrees, but study and attend college too and its never been too much of an issue. I've met rich girls that were cool and some that were not. Most ladies care if your going somewhere and not working at the gas station 60 hrs a week with 0 education, and even then a man shouldn't be judged. So don't worry about it, confidence is priceless.

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A relationship should be based on more than just education. She should be interested in how your brain works and the gears in which your self-motivation moves you. A bachelor's degree, a $100k career and a Mercedes should never be substituted for what a relationship really needs to thrive off of. These are just material items that can be lost (with the exception to your education.)


Because what the hell is going to happen if one's house were to catch fire? Car breaks down? Show up to work on Monday morning and receive a pink slip for "cutbacks." These kinds of things can happen in life to us. So then what are we left with? Were left with the very same qualities that got us to the dance to begin with. And that's what we use to get us back.


Personally, I couldn't see myself dating someone who didn't see the light.

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I agree with a lot of the other comments here. I think you'll find that of the issues you mention, the biggest, by far, is education.


The problem you face is that you'll have lots of competition for your target girl, assuming she's also physically attractive, so what's your competitive edge?

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I have a university degree under my belt and it wouldn't bother me at all if a guy had less of an education.As long as the gentlemen has self confidence, treats me with respect and can make me laugh, i really could care less about the money in his pocket or his educational background. I was in a relationship with a guy for 4 years who made quite a bit of money, had an education and ended up being a drunk and a wife beater. ALthough they must have a job and be able to support themselves.

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I'm a Chinese girl and I've dated somebody who has less education, money, and status than myself and here's my perspective:


(A little background: I was on a pre-med route and my ex was a mechanic who spent like 6 years in community college and never got a degree. We were together for 5 years.)


I think that everybody has their own path in life so it's not fair to judge them based on how much money they make or what kind of car they drive. They could have grown up in an underserved neighborhood and not have the opportunity to pursue education or maybe they're just not mentally-wired for academics. I think the general perspective is that more education USUALLY means more money and I think that a lot of girls want to date guys who have more money because they want to have somebody they can depend on financially. Thus, education is one of those markers that can help them predict future mate potential. Additionally, more education usually means that the person is more cultured, sophisticated, and well-mannered, which are also good characteristics of a mate. I chose my ex despite his lack of education because he was funny, sweet, polite, courteous, loving, affectionate, thoughtful, and so much more. Therefore, I strongly believe that a lack of education/money doesn't make you a bad boyfriend nor does an excess of education/money make you a good one.


As for myself, I didn't care about my ex's money/status/education because I feel that I'm fairly independent and I shouldn't have to rely on another person for my financial well-being. I just thought that as long as he loved me and made enough to support himself and possibly a family in the future then that was all that mattered. Granted, a lot of family and friends disapproved of my mate choice, but I think that it's such a double standard because if the situation were switched (HE had more money/status/education than me) then it wouldn't even be an issue at all.


Now, you may have noticed that I said "ex" and not boyfriend implying that we are no longer together, which is true. It turns out that even though the education and status thing did not bother me, it bothered him a great deal because he was always fearful that I was going to leave him for someone "better". In the end, his insecurities got the best of him and he actually broke up with me. My advice is that if you do decide to get together with someone who has more education, money, etc., have faith and confidence that the person is truly dating you for you and isn't going to dump you for the next guy with a better ride.


Best of luck!

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I also was with a guy long ago who was very sweet, uneducated, loyal, funny, cute....but I would try to tell him things or have discussions with him and all he would do is give me this blank stare...it annoyed me to the point I wanted to pull my hair out ! He had no motivation to better himself, which bothered me quite a bit.


It's not about money, cars or status to me...its about working together for the betterment of both involved...it's hard for one to be pulling most of the weight if the other person isn't trying....then resentment sets in.....love is a lifetime partnership, not a one-sided see-saw.

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When I was dating I strongly preferred to date a man with at least a college degree because of my desire to have someone with compatible values when it came to higher education for a long term marriage/family. It was extremely rare for me to meet a man who did not have at least a college degree and who was single and interested in dating me so I almost never was faced with the choice.


As far as $, financial stability was important to me for future potential - not wealth.


I couldn't care less what kind of car the man drove.


I didn't think of any of those aspects as "status."

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Well, most girls like to date "up" or at least "equal", but not all. Some will look at other aspects like - is he doing something about updating his skills, making himself more marketable in cutthroat professional world outside, is he self-driven? or do I need to push him? is he ambitious? He may not be a CEO today, but as long as he is moving forward and is not stagnant, then its good.

With Asian chicks, I won't take a chance. Yes, Asian, south Asian culture is about money, status. Unless, she doesn't care for what her family says about you and has a mind of her own, its gonna be rough.

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