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Developing a crush on a younger guy...but I know he's not what I'm looking for!


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So I'm on a dating site--I'm talking to several guys, having fun with it, but I am looking for something serious as an outcome eventually. Not neccessarily marriage/kids serious, but at least a long term exclusive relationship(though I'm open to more later). I'm 24, I live alone in my own home, I have a nice car and a decent job--I'm independent. A part of me feels like I should be looking for someone older, mature, at least as established as I am--I guess someone who has the potential to be serious at some point(even though that's not what I'm looking for right now).


However, I've found myself developing a mini-crush on someone younger and pretty much the exact opposite of the aforementioned characteristics! I've been talking to him for about a month and a half online, that was ok, I enjoyed talking to him, but I was neutral without strong feelings either way. Well, we met last week and I actually really liked him in person. He was good looking, funny, we had a good time together. Since then, we've been talking more frequently(every day now, as opposed to every few days before) and I can tell that he's become my "favorite" out of everyone I'm talking too. You know the feeling, that very excited/pleased feeling when they contact you. I feel certain that he feels the same, i.e. he liked me in person and wants to get to know me more.


*But*, he's 21 years old, covered in tattoos, he seems to have a short-term attention span, he's a bit of a partyer-(like most 21 one year olds, I guess), though he can't drink because he has some sort of liver problem he was born with. He doesn't seem *immature*, but he's not really incredibly mature either--again, I guess average for his age. He just seems very spontaneous and unpredictable--how do I know if something did occur between us, he wouldn't just get bored and drift off later? Should I give this a chance and see what happens or cut my losses and keep looking for someone there might be more long-term potential with?

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just a thought, but maybe you should ask yourself if you would get bored of being with someone who is less mature then you because i think it would be you that would be the one that would in the end drift off, because you will become bored of the partying. But hey you never know you could just choose to have fun with it and if it works it work, if not time to move on.

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omg i have this same problem!


I am 23 and i work at a gym, and i see the most attractive guys who are barely pushing 19! How did these boys get so cute so young? They are working on english 101 when I am going for my second degree!


I don't know whether its a good idea either! It is totally a fling set-up... I guess just roll with the punches!

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