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Please don't let me ruin this relationship! Help!


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I am new to this or any dating site. And this is my first post. But I really need some help.


Here is my story.


Two weeks ago I met the woman of my dreams at my cousins wedding. It turned out that she was the Maid of honor and my Cousins best friend. It was love at first site and I looked all night to see if she was wearing a ring. During the reception, I got to meet her and I remembered her from when we were young. She was at every one of my Cousins birthday parties. It also turned out that my Parents and her parents went to high school together and were great friends. During the reception they did the boquet toss. My cousin through it right to her as all of the other girls backed up. I figured something fishy was going on here. Then during the Garter toss, I noticed that my cousins new husband was looking at me and moving away from me. He was luring all of the guys away from me. Then he threw it right at me. Then I knew something was up. After the whole ceremony. I went back and sat down with my mom and dad and her mom and dad as she went and sat at her table. A slow song started playing and her dad came to me and said " Greg, I have known you for thirty years, Now get your ass up and ask my daughter to dance." Wow! So I did, and we danced all night. Amazing time. During one of the dances I asked her if she would like to go out on a date and she excitedly said yes. I could see my cousin smiling at me as she and the rest of my family was very excited.


Date 1: I took her to a nice dinner where we had 2 glasses of wine each. We had an amazing conversation. I had told myself earlier that I would not do anything stupid like move to fast or ask myself in when I dropped her off. Well, She invited me in and no more than 30 seconds later, after landing on the couch, we were making out. I told her what a good kisser she was and she said " You can tell a lot about the chemistry between 2 people by the way they kiss together, and this is amazing". I was so excited. We had gotten to 2nd base and that was all. She has a very good job and needed to be up early so i told her I would let her go to sleep at 9:30pm. She asked me to stay till 10:30pm. So I did.


The next morning, I texted her to say what a good time I had. No response.

Then that afternoon I called her like I said I would, and she didn't return my phone call.


Then the next morning she texted me saying that she was sorry she didnt get back to me cause she went to bed early and that she would call me after work.


Date 2: She called me and invited me over to her place to watch a video. This was on a Friday night. So I go over at 8pm, obviously expecting what happened 2 nights before. We basically sat on the couch for 2 hours and all that happened was her leaning against me during the movie. She seemed awefully tires. So after the movie, I told her that I would go and let her sleep. She gave me 3 or 4 small kisses goodnight. About 20 minutes after I left she texted me this " Thanks for understanding I was tired. I didn't mean to be rude. Also, Flowers are nice for your mom. i think hanging out with her on Sunday means a lot too." So I then texted her back this "Your too cute. I completely understand. I will never ask for more than you can give. I really enjoy every moment i get to spend with you"


So my question to all of you women is, why did she seem completely different on our second date. I truly like this girl, We already have a lot of trust becuase our families know each other. I do not understand why she seemed completely not interested on our second date. She may have thought that things were going to fast I guess. What should I do now. I am afraid to call or text her becuase I would feel horrible if she doesnt respond. If I dont call her, will she make a move to call me? Or will I be waiting for days. Please help.

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I personally think texts are lame. Cut to the chase and call her for a third date. If she called you and initiated date 2, call her and initiate date 3. She seems interested as far as I can tell. Maybe let her have the rest of the weekend and call her on Monday to ask her out for the following weekend. Then don't text during the week...just call one more time at the end of the week to firm up your third date. You're being wise not to rush things.

Have fun!!

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