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seeing an ex again after 8 months


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Didnt know where to put this so I'm putting it here in Relationships.

8 months ago my ex and I broke up because it was a long-distance relationship, he lives in Europe, and we both knew we couldn't be together anymore (moving was not an option for either of us). We decided we would be friends, and I do feel he is my friend, but we dont have very much contact anymore - we talk maybe once a month. I was depressed for a long time but a while ago met someone else which kind of helped me get over him (but I'm not with the new guy anymore).

Anyway, I am going back to Europe for 2 weeks for my cousins wedding and I will see him again (he will be at the wedding since he is one of the groom's best friends). I'm not sure how I feel about seeing him or how he feels about seeing me. I haven't yet told him that I am going.

Also, I think he has a new girlfriend. He hasnt told me this, but I suspect it, and if he does I dont know how I will react to seeing him with another woman. Should I just be friendly to both of them? Ignore them? I know I have no right to be upset since I did leave him, but I dont know if I'm ready to handle this.

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