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Hard getting over Her.


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So my girlfriend and i broke up after three months of deep relationship. This is a bit long so bare with me..


So last monday my girlfriend and i pulled the plug (she broke up with me) and she said that she was confused and doesn't want to get hurt in the future. I asked her why she was confused and felt this way. she told me that she doesnt see us having a healthy relationship during the summer and she just doesnt want to get hurt. She feels like if we end it now then it would save her a lot more troubles down the road. I told her i would do anything to see her during the summer and do whatever it takes to keep it lasting (shes also going to airforce around October). She replied with "i just don't know." So i felt that she just gave up. and i told her maybe this is the best. Seeing as i dont want to have a relationship where theres only one side supporting. She told me she wants to be friends with me. I was heartbroken in the first day and i just wanted to go away and be alone. the next few days i felt better and we started acting like friends.Thursday comes around and I see her crying her heart out but she doesnt want to get back because she still feels it would be harder during the Summer, where we barely wont see each other. So i went up to her, trying to comfort her atleast, she told me to go away bcuz she doesnt want to cry. Friday, I realize how much i miss her and told her i want her back. she said no. because of the reason. She wants me in her future but doesnt want to get hurt. I personally know that me and her are done forever. but who knows.


She once told me as well that I was the first guy that she has ever introduced to her family and I was the only guy who has ever spent this much time with them. She even talked about the future, how tough it was going to be when she leaves for bootcamp. I know for a fact this girl cares alot for me and loves me but it just went down in the last few weeks. I guess its because the year is about to end and were going to graduate and go separate ways in life. But even if we go separate ways I still wanted to be with her and keep on trying. She started thinking hard about this situation and im guessing she just started giving up because she truly felt that it might not work out in the long run. But she still tells me that She wants me in her future. Im just confuse on that..


Last night she texted me and told me she still wants to hang with me and stuff. I said yeah why not. But after reading some stuff at this website, I realize that im just prolonging the situation. She even told me that this may have been the wrong decision and she doesnt know if breaking up with me would have been the best thing. She was my everything and I would have done anything for her and she would have done the same thing. But it seems like were just drifting away frome each other. It hurts me soo much that I cant be beside her, yet I know that the only way for me to move on is to try not being near her. But like I said she still wants to be friends and hang out and stuff..


So what to do?

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I think she always saw this relationship as being temporary and something that would end before the summer as she has plans that don't include you.


If you have a relationship with someone which is serious (or who wants it to become serious), you stick with it, even if there are periods you will be apart for a while.


It seems she wants to cut and run, possibly for the purposes of leaving herself free to start something else. If she did not she would be happy to have a long term relationship with you.


It's all about caring and loving. She doesn't care enough for this to continue, despite your baring your soul. It looks like she has made her mind up, so retreat with dignity and go NC. It will hurt, but as it was only 3 months it's good you found out now that she didn't want anything long term. Take care.

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