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Very confuseing lc etc

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Back in contact with ex second time in a month, i really cant work out how we get on well together, laugh joke. She says we are just friends, but she also misses the sex, slept with her other night, all good, she was saying how if i wanted she could go to a weding with me next summer, i didnt discount it.

Yeaterday i said if she didnt fancy going to her regular saturday hang out we could do something diffrent (as she has had a bad bit of medical news this week , i thought it would take her mind off it) She snapped back that we are only friends and i shouldnt ask her.

She has a lot of issues and is opening up a lot more via this lc, as in she for once admitted, that she wishes drinking was an option for her. And another late night txt saying im sorry in so messed up in my life all the time.And stuff that she wishes her ex hadnt made her the person she is today.

Every time we get a little bit closer she pulls back, at end of my teather with her. I havnt pushed her on anything, she panics about one of my ex`s and says she is more insecure with me now than before, even though ive told her there is nothing to worry about.

Argh just want to rant!

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well.... if she wants to be secure, then she has to chose to be in a relationship with you. if you decided to be with one of your ex's it is your choice. She needs to realize that by chosing to not be in a relationship with you, you are free to date other people. I think right now she kind of has you hanging on a string to be honest, cause you are just there when she wants you to be. I know it is hard... I can't tell you what the right thing to do is, I think if you want to be with her, it is better to leave and date others. She does have some work to do and needs to do it on her own... just like my ex.

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I know what you are saying, im not going to be with this other ex any way, i only told her becauseshe asked had ex been in touch, i have never lied to her and dont intend to now.

I cant work out this only friends thing, im happy enugh taking things slow as long as she doesnt keep trying to change the rules. When ive been to see her lately she has been very touchy feeley, always her to make move to hold my hand etc. If any talk of future it`s her, so as far as friends go i dnt kind of get it. I know what you are saying that perhaps i should go on dates, as soon as she thinks i might be in position to move on she gives me a poke, as in last week whilst out on the town she txts sayin hope you are ok and thinking of you.

Im probably going to bump into her tonight, i think im going to say, there`s no need for you to have paniced just because i asked if you wanted to do something diffrent, it wasnt like i was asking you to run away with me.

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