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Ex, keeps contacting me, and I am trying to be supportive for our future....NEED ADVICE PLEASE

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You have been so kind with your previous responses, I find myself in need of some additional advice.


In a previous post, I told you that my ex and I broke up because she was dealing with getting out of detox from drinking and was diagnosed with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. (Very very tough for her)


We didn't fight really, i think that she was having such a tough time because if anything, our relationship was going so well, so the good stress, kicked off her PTSD and hence made her turn back to drinking


Since this past Sunday, my birthday, I have tried to follow all of your advice and just give my ex the space she needs. No Texts, no calls, no emails, nothing.....just let her take the journey


This past thursday, I received a text from her. She said she had a dream about me last night and hoped I was ok. She told me she was going on a spiritual retreat from June 20 to July 19th.


I just responded nicely and told her I was happy for her. And also said that is she needed anything from me, that I was here. And left it at that.


She then had to go.......told me to have a great night.....and I just replied, U 2.


Problem is, I love her so much, this is so hard, I just want to tell her how much I miss her and want to see her......but I keep thinking of you, my new virtual friends, saying that may only push her away.


I just don't totally know why she keeps reaching out to me.....on one hand, I think she loves me, but she just needs time to focus on herself for now......and in the end, i just want her to get well for herself and her life.


I am trying to just focus on myself, get myself in better shape, work on working.....and deal with my own recovery.....


Do I just let it go, let her go, not have hope? Or am I doing the right thing in just being supportive with her journey with no pressure from me?

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I wouldn't say don't have hope, she's reaching out to you because she does still care about you. But you and her both know she has a lot of personal issues to take care of on her own before any sort of relationship is viable. Use that time to better yourself if you can.


You've told her you're there if she needs you, now its up to her to get better. You're doing great, hang in there!

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