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Wanting another Kitten.....


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The boyfriend and I are wanting to get another kitten. We have one now, hes 13 months. Just wondering of it would be better to get another one now why hes still young or wait until he gets older? Hes kind of clingy sometimes, for the most part hes very independent, but sometimes we'll be doing something else and he will come up and kind of rub up against whatever is in our hands until he knocks it out or we put it down and give him attention. We don't want him to be jealous and hurt the new kitten, he was around other cats when he was young, but hes been an only cat since December. He is fixed and hes had all his shots and things like that. We were going to get the kitten from my uncle so if it becomes a problem we will be able to give the kitten back. Were kind of stuck on what to do.

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We had (at the time) a 5year old male (neutered) cat when we took in a stray who was (at the time) about a year old female.


The boy cat had been an only cat his entire feline life and hated other cats.


We've had both of them for about 4 years now. They're not best buddies - they don't play together or mutual groom or sleep in a the same area of the house - but they do tolerate each other without fighting or showing signs of being upset (like not using the litter box).


We used these guidelines from the Humane Society when we first took in the stray:

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