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Are these signs I won't get the job?

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I had an interview with a small, local company today. Everyone was very nice and hospitable. I ended up getting interviewed by 3 people in total -- the President and VP (both of whom are married) and another lady.


I felt I did great during the interviews, but I picked up certain vibes/clues that have led me to believe I might not get called back.


The VP said she loved my academic record. However, she said I had the least experience of all the candidates. Then she said something that had me thinking it was all over: "Even if this doesn't end up working out for you, I'm sure you'll be able to find something great out there given your qualifications. But don't give up on us yet." She then asked what I was making at the last company I worked for before being laid off. That total is much less than the salary range being advertised for this position. She then said that if I was willing to accept something similar to what I was making before, they might be able to hire more than one person. I said I didn't mind, and she responded by saying she'd keep that in mind.


I also had remembered the ad saying something about a written test, so I ran this by her. She said something like "Yes, maybe you'll end up taking the test." My gut feeling was that the President (her husband) happens to be picky, and perhaps if he didn't like the person, they wouldn't make it that far.


When I met with her husband, he, too, asked what I was making before. He asked about a few other things and proceeded to sit me down for the written exam.


I might be wrong about this, but I find that when companies ask things like why you're applying for that job instead of something else, or give you a line such as "if you don't end up getting this position, you can always..."blah blah blah, it bodes bad news. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think companies truly interested in a candidate wouldn't say such a thing so early in the game. I don't know if it's because she knows her hubsband so well and realizes he turns people down constantly, wants a lot of experience, etc. The position asks for at least 3-5 years of experience, but I have roughly 4.


I wasn't really told that much about the position. I did most of the talking in all 3 interviews, though the 2nd interview with the other lady was much more informative. I wasn't told when they'd be calling me back but they did ask for references following the written exam.


My final theory:

- If they want to save good money, they'll pick me

- If they want someone who's a lot more seasoned and don't mind paying more for them, I'm screwed.


Should I expect the worst here? Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

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