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Hey I was just wondering if what you guys would say was an adequate amount of time to wait until you could safely say someone is "the one".


I know each person is different. But to put it into perspective, my parents only knew each other for 4 months before they got engaged. They have been happily married for over 40 years now.


Dw I'm not going to be popping the question to my gf, but I have landed myself in a relationship that so far has been so perfect that im confused lol. Im not used to being this happy and the relation ship not being one sided.


I know she could be the one and I want her to be the one. But when could I call her the one?


Oh and we have known each other for 5 years, but only officially dating for 4 months. We were scared to tell each other we liked each other. So I know what she is like very well. I am under no delusion, I know it is still a relationship in its early stages. But we seem such a perfect match.

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I think that you need to go through problems together. Early stages are frequently very good, but you need to know that you two can adjust to change and work through issues. So, you need to wait for those to come up and see how it goes. Change and fights are inevitable.


I also don't agree that there is "the one". I think there are many people someone can be compatible with - just depends on timing and chance on who you meet.

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Those who know each other for a few months and end up happily married should be considered lucky. Just like you can close your eyes and run accross a busy street hoping you dont get hit by a bus you are doing the same thing if you proclaim someone as the one too early. One of the biggest tests of any relationship is knowing how the two of you respond to each other long after the honeymoon and post honeymoon phases are over which usually takes at least a good solid year or more. Another equally important thing is the two of you have to see how you handle and get through problems together and not just one but many.

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Thanks everyone I understand what you mean. Well at the moment I just have a great vibe. For once we ALWAYS have things to talk about and never run out, she likes all the things I do so I can actually do fun things with her, she puts me first and I put her first.


And there has been some difficulties and the obvious odd disagreement but so far we have managed them in an adult way. Like I read on here, pick your arguments well. If your not 100% sure your in the right or it doesn't matter to you let it go.


Well I hope I get into a big argument with her and get over it Lol not sure thats what you meant but

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