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I like this guy.. but its gone cold way too fast.. Help


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me and my bf decided to be exclusive a month ago but now its already gone cold.. we are out of things to say to each other i cant help but feel hes bored with me.

I met him a few days before new years. he started calling me daily then he traveled for 2 months but we stayed in contact every single day. when he came back he told me that he had just gotten out of a relationship, and that it hadnt been working for some time now. we got closer to each other and got together a month ago.

now i have this feeling that i was his rebound and that i was just a substitute for what he couldnt find with his ex, and that now once we got intimate hes bored.

we dont talk to each other or meet any less but i still get this feeling that hes fed up. i really like him alot and i even may have fallen for him. what can i do? how can i be exciting to him again?

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If things have gone downhill during the first month, you may want to ask yourself if this is the type of relationship worth being in.


That being said, it takes two to make a relationship work. It would be a good idea to verbalize what you're thinking and feeling with your boyfriend. Ask him if he's truly "fed up." Ask him what you can do to make things better. If he's willing to listen, suggest what actions he needs to take.

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