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I found out she has a new boyfriend and...

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there is no feelings! I am not happy nor am I mad. I don't think her or the other guy are dumb. I didn't even question who it was when my friend told me. I really didn't care. I just thought "Well, I hope their relationship works out better than ours" haha.


the convo went kind of like this:

Friend: She's turned kind of into a skank


Me: Well, she's in college, I would likely be doing the same stuff, so I can't judge her.


Friend: True, but it's nasty her and so so had sex (One of her good friends)


Me: Really? Gross, are they like FWB now? (More jokingly)


Friend: Nah, I think she has a boyfriend.


Me: Really?


Friend: Yea


Me: Oh, that's cool.


And then we started talking about our studio.


I had no feelings when he told me. I figured I was over her, but this last test was the final proof. It is now official...I am over her. We only dated for 3 some odd months, but I was a mess for 2 weeks, then I started no contact and started feeling better almost instantly. I hadn't really thought of her for a few weeks until my friend brought her up, and then I found out she is seeing someone else, but didn't care at all. I didn't even think about how well I took it until later on in the day. It just sort of hit me like "Wait, wait, I didn't feel any pain, jealousy, or anger when I heard she is seeing someone else. It's official, I am over her!" =)



I think I've been over her for a few months now, but this was the final proof I needed. I now know for sure I can date someone and be 100% comitted to whom ever I am with!


This is for anyone who thinks they won't feel better; you will with time. Just stick with no contact and you will eventually feel like you again.


Good luck to all!=)

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Good luck to you as well. I had a similar situation last weekend when I ran into my ex and her new boyfriend. No feelings really of either "I'm happy for them" or "I'm so jealous I could spit" just a kind of "meh."


I hope he can put up with her better than I could. I did want to say, "Ha! Good luck, pal!"

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Haha man, do I know how you feel! I'm pretty much indifferent about my ex as well. At first, I was hurt by the news that he rebounded so quickly with this totally horrible girl. He treated me so badly after the break up... well you know what? What goes around, comes around; The girl dumped my ex for the simple reason of, "I'm gay, it's over!"


It made me laugh, but it wasn't like I was excited that he's single or anything. I just don't care anymore. He's the past, as well as all of our's exes. And that's where they shall stay.

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That is great to hear Dubi, and i completely agree about NC being the best way to heal. My ex and i broke up about 2 months or so, and have been NC like a week after the initial break up. During NC, sure it kinda sucked but it helps things in the long run for sure. Like you Dubi, i have no care for what my ex does, or is doing and i don't even think about her. Similar to you, the only time i have a thought about her is when someone brings her up.

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