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hi guys, i would really appreciate your input. My bf and I have been together for the past 6 yrs or so. he has broken up with me twice over this time, but before xmas I initiated the break up - mostly due to the frustration that he was not ready to commit after so long and i wanted to.


He didn't contact me for a month and I am the biggest fan of NC because it always works for me. So anyway after the NY he started with the anonymous calling and the "come pick up ur stuff" talk blah blah which i ignored - which as you can imagine frustrated him (id always told him if we break up throw my stuff away, i wont care). I just carried on living my life, i was sad inside but my facebook fotos didnt show it (oh and i had deleted him off FB after the first week of the break up)


Anyway after 4 months i slowly broke and agreed to meet with him. he came to tell me he was ready to submit to me and wants to now get married. he agrees the time is right and that he is happier with life when he is with me than without. So i have basically gotten what i wanted? Kind of. The catch is as it is the recession he has packed up his business temporarily and wants to go travelling for 6 months. He says he won't ask me to wait for him although if he could have it his way he would want me to.


The prob is the more i see him the more i desperately want to be with him, i get so emotional. On one hand i cant get enough of him he is like my drug and i know i want to be with him - no one else. but on the other hand i feel i cant do this to myself again - i cant go through another break up with him. nothing is guaranteed - he may come back and change his mind about getting married. Should I trust him once again? Or should I forget him?

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why would he not invite you to go with him???? he wants to marry you but wants you to wait for six months??? what the???

Thats the thing, he has asked me to go with him so many times but i cant leave my job as i am in the middle of buying a house and don't want to give up my job at this time due to the economic conditions - so i feel like i really shouldnt go.

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