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Is she interested and how to ask her out


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I start at the police academy again tomorrow, because i failed a subject i was forced to redo it from home for 3 months. Anyway so during my ocassaional trips down for exams i saw this girl i was interested in. And i think she is interested in me, i mean in our final exam she kept looking my way, and kept glancing her head accross the room in the direction i was in, never fixing her face on me but i saw her eyes keep flicking back and forth at me. I looked straight at her, to show my confidence. Then when we were getting fitted for police uniforms i saw her again and we were coincdently at the same section and she kept staring again, but this time i looked away shyly. So first of all based on this info would you say she is interested?? I myspace stalked her to find out if she is single it says she is.


Now one more thing, how would i go about asking her out? i mean because im with a new class and have been studying at home i dont know anyone there and she knows alot of people obviously. And im a bit intimidated by it, i was thinking of maybe if i walk past her smile and say hi and see what that does. Or do you guys have any other ideas??

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I think this coincidence of you two getting uniforms together is gods way of telling you to make a move.


But you have to make the move. I'd say she is interested in you, definitely. Just have to man up... walk up to her say Hi ask her what her name is, make casual conversation. Then go on with your day. If another coincidence happens like that, then its time to ask her out.

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