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Would being called "cold" put you off him?


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Ok i have this guy friend who i've hooked up with one or two times. He seems to have a thing for me, but at the same time he's a big player. He was already chatting up another girl ten minutes after i left a club when we'd hooked up.

Last night we were chatting on the internet, and set up a lunch date for saturday. Then he said goodnight and told me the same kind of lines he always uses "i want to kiss your cheek and whisper sweet goodnight in your ear" etc etc. I'm not the sort of person who can say things like that, especially when I don't mean it - and i don't believe that he means it either. I told him goodnight and sleep well, and he got all angry and told me "you're so cold". He said this to me when he still doesn't know me very well. Would you take offence to this? And would it be enough to put you off the person for good?

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I wouldn't like his reaction either, it would bother me as well. I think it's best to not think about it, he sounds pretty immature to say something like that. Not worth your energy and time.

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laymisse, you should only play with players if you can play their game just as well (or a tad better, just for a change).


most players will next you on a heartbeat - so you either next them first or be aware you'll be nexted.


and whatever word comes out of their mouths should not ever be taken seriously.

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