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Am i over reacting or no????????


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Alright my girl and I have been not acting ourselfs lately and been fighting the last week or so. We still have been hanging out and hooking up and all that but just been fighting over some dumb ****.


Anyways I get a weird vibe to look through her phone. We NEVER go through each others phones or any of that **** btw. Something was just telling me to do it.


Ok so i see some text messages from this kid she dated for a few weeks a long time ago. (She says he only fingered her)


It goes (bare with me dont remember word for word)


HER - "Hey! What are you doing tonight?!" (Keep in mind we were fighting and hadnt talked all day)


HIM - "Out at the block party then going to another club later"


HER - "Any girls there?"


HIM - "Both" (im assuming guys and girls lol)


HER - "Naked girls?"


HIM - " * * * lol"


HER - "Just wondering"


HIM - "Ok"


HER - "the club your at is gay" (Some where in the text messages she told him to go to the place she was going)


He doesnt respond


I end up seeing her later on that night at the bar i was at. Stuffs still weird and were acting weird to each other even tho she did come up and give me a kiss. I end up leaving without saying bye or anything.


Now I read this and im pissed as **** shaking and ready to punch babies. Then i make my way to the recent calls and see that after she leaves the club she calls him. She called me this night also but not until AFTER she calls him.


Also about a year ago she went to a hottub and smoked and drank with him, his to friends, and her two girlfriends. A girl from work called and told me about it the next day. She didnt mention he was even there when i asked her about it the previous night. She told me she was trying to get her friend hooked up with one of his friends, they just all went so it wouldnt be akward and she knows it "sounds bad"




So i confront her about the texts and call. She says I just texted him because him and all his friends are always out there. The phone call she says was made because on the ride home, she and her friend were talking about all the people they saw. Then shes likes, we didnt see ____! So she calls him.


He didnt answer the phone call, and he texted a while later saying "what" then "u ok?"


She doesnt respond and hasnt talked to him as far as i know since she tried to call him.



What do you all think? Ive never heard anyone say word about her doing anything behind my back or anything like that. The hot tub thing is the only thing shes done as far as i know that was questionable.


Sorry for the long post im taking it out on the keyboard haha

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You're overreacting and being jealous. Chill out. I see nothing from what you wrote that would cause me any concern.


I think you're just overthinking things because you're insecure about her. My advice is to see things from an objective point of view before you make assumptions.


Oh, and welcome to ENA

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