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Question about little keepsakes

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I was with my ex for 3 years and I've kept a collection of little things (movies stubs, pictures, notes/card, little gifts, etc..). I took the box of stuff with me when I went away to do an 8 month internship (we were still together at the time). We have since broken up and I'm getting ready to move back home. I'm wondering if I should take it back with me. I have three suitcases that are packed to the brim and I don't know if if I should try to make room for these keepsakes.


What do you think?


Just so you know, I am the one who broke up with him on relatively good terms. I've moved on...

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I read the title.


Get rid of everything.


No future SO wants to know you have anything relating to an ex. I've chosen not to pursue anything with people because of this reason. It means you're still attached, and isn't fair to anyone in the future.

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