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Read This If You Feel Bad!!


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So, I was in a somewhat crazy relationship with someone for about 2 and a half years. It ended last valentine's day and it ended very badly. We met each other at work, we were both bartenders and we ended up moving in together but I quickly moved out because I was uncomfortable living with him. The reason why I was uncomfortable living with him was because he lived with his Hispanic family which consisted of 8 other people and the house was only a four bedroom. I felt a severe lack of privacy.


So I moved out because I thought we could fix the relationship. Instead of things getting better they got worse. We continued the relationship for the next year and a half but we started spending less and less time together. Fast forward to the time before we broke up. I started talking to another bartender that we worked with on account of the fact that he was going through some relationship issues himself. We became friends and we started to hangout, with no romantic interest from both sides, simply because we were both feeling that our relationships were going down the drain.


Well apparently this "friend" of mine, in an effort to get his girlfriend to notice him and perhaps to make himself feel desirable, spread a rumor that we were sleeping together which my boyfriend found out about and broke up with me over. The irony lies in the fact that he started sleeping with a manager who we both worked together and continued to date her even after I quit working there as a result of what was happening at work. Sounds ridiculous huh?? Well, it was....I lost my job, my friends and my boyfriend in the course of a week. I was devestated because even though things were not going well this guy was my first love and literally my best and only friend.


After stalking him, drinking gallons of vodka and crying for months, I started to get over him. Or so I thought because I wrote him an email a week ago describing my best memory of him and he responded and my heart fluttered. I thought cool he responded but that is that. Then the following night he calls at 11:38 p.m. and invites me to meet at a bar close to where we used to work and have a drink so I (like an idiot) rush to get ready and meet up. When I get there he is drunk and as a result I get drunk and we end up sleeping together. Well, it turns out he has a girlfriend, not only that but it also turns out that the other work friends that were at the bar I met him at were all talking crap about me saying how I am desperate and still so in love with him even after a year and a half. That is how long it has been since we broke up.


So basically he has been disrespecting me behind my back, telling people how I still call him randomly when I am drunk and how I would get back together with him in a heartbeat. The sad part is both these things are true however I feel like and idiot because I know that I shouldn't care about him. So when your feeling bad about your relationship just consider that you are not me. By the way when we had drunken sex he disrespected me even more by trying to stick his u know what in my ass.

Enough said, let the suggestions begin.................

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don't be embarassed by all that, let's just say it was hard for you to let go, don't keep blaming yourself. But you definitely need to saty away from him..have you talked to him since that drunken sex night? To this day does he know you didn't sleep with your friend?

Never meet him again.

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no, he has not tried to contact me, the bottom line is a part of me knew that he was calling just because things were going bad with his then girlfriend or that he could not see her that particular night but I decided to trust him and concluded that maybe he really just did want to see me. Plus, I wanted to believe that I meant more to him than that. I just cannot believe someone I loved could treat me like this, he wasn't a bad person towards me during the relationship. I am very aware that I let myself get used and I am not complaining or asking why??? I just sacrificed my respect for a fleeting moment in his arms because I miss him terribly, all the time, constantly. As far as him believing the rumor that was spread, I have tried for the last year........He thinks that the other bartender and I had sex and there is no way to change his mind. I think he chose to believe it because his intentions were to get out and he used it an excuse for him to get out of the relationship and not feel guilty.

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