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How to handle an offensive friend?

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So I guess he isn't a friend per say, but someone I've been exchanging some messages with on and off for the past month or so on Facebook. He's a med student and was a biology major in undergrad, so we have things in common as I'm currently an undergrad biology major and I may or may not do something along the lines of veterinary medicine. However, this guy is incredibly rude. ](*,) It's not really necessary to repeat the things he said, and I'd probably just be going on a rant once I start. lol He's generally friendly and not flaming me, but literally every time that we are in contact he says something that seems obviously offensive, usually about my love of animals but sometimes things that are completely uncalled for that anyone would find offensive. I suspect his intentions are like that of a little boy picking on the girls at the playground, but it's excessive to the point where I've asked him to stop more than once. He apologized once and then went right back to doing it after that. I can take a lighthearted joke, but trust me, this guy has a lot of nerve and every time we talk he tries to find a way to push my buttons. Just ignoring it hasn't worked at all.


I'd like to cut off contact with him so he'll quit bothering me, but if I delete him off of Facebook he would likely notice as he doesn't have a large friend list, and he messages pretty regularly. I am afraid he'll look me up and then message me something worse. I guess there would be a way I could block him, though I've never done it on Facebook and don't know if he'd find out and be angry.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Well, basically you have come here to ask literally what should you do. My first reaction is to tell you to do what your instincts tell you to do.


If you're looking for wording..that should be you as well, tell him what you feel and why, and why you cannot continue communication, nothing wrong with either of you, you just don't click.


If he proceeds afterwards with communication or harassment, you have tools at your disposal, such as reporting him to facebook with intention of getting them to stop bugging you(friend requests) or authorities if he's that bad.


I hope it all works out for the best for both of you.

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Thanks for the replies.


Yeah, I'm guessing he'd be more compatible with someone willing to throw some punches right back at him, but that's not my thing.


I think next time I'll just tell him I can't keep talking to him if he's being rude.


If he doesn't stop, I'll delete him under the assumption that he won't be able to see that I exist anymore and hope for the best. At least he'd hopefully know my reason for deleting him then.

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