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why am i trying to become a lawyer?

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i asked myself this question. originally my parents wanted me to study science and become a doctor like them but i couldn't handle it so i switched majors. I wanted very much to be involved in investing, but so far no luck. So my parents advice was to do the next prestigious thing go to law school.


however, i dont even know what i am going to do as a lawyer. I think it would suit my personality and wouldn't hate it but i mean i still desire very much to be in investment field. however, after many many rejections and failing to find a job, i really felt like i couldn't object to my parents advice.


So here i am preparing for LSAT in june. i'm not stressing too much over it, i believe i can do well in it, however my undergraduate gpa haunts me. the first 2.5 years of university was absolutely crap, i've battled depression, and overcoming my introvert personality. my softs and extra ciricular activites i am involved with prove that part of me is gone. i am very confident of my softs, however it makes marginal difference to the whole admission process....so basically i wasted all those time volunteering and helping other students...


i am now in my final year at university, and continue to try my best in school. although grades are an improvement of previous years, looking at the statistics, it isn't good enough to get into a good law school even with a fantastic lsat score.


i am afraid of failing again, just like i failed to break into a good investment field. i am more afraid of failing my parents.... they no longer have high expectation, so i guess this is the last draw. i am more afraid of dealing with my parents then the actual failing process. i mean i guess i could survive even if i couldn't become a lawyer but it would mean losing face and an embarassment to my parents.


so to answer the question why am i becoming a lawyer? i dont know but im going back to study lsat again.

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Only you can answer that question.


Is becoming a lawyer something that YOU want to do or something YOUR parents put you up too? You shouldn't have to live your life proving yourself to anyone. Don't forget that you only have ONE life. Now, do you want to live your life living up to someone elses standards? You should go into whatever you are passionate about. I know that there a lot of people in the world today that hate their jobs, but they go to work to pay the bills. If everyone had the chance to do something they absolutely LOVE for work, I'm sure everyone would in a heart beat!


You are very blessed to have the oppurtunity to attend college. A lot of people would want to be in your shoes. If you can afford law school, then I'm sure you can afford pretty much any major you want, right? With that being said, you shouldn't waste your time and MONEY fulfilling someone elses dreams. Instead, you should use your time wisely and think about what it is you REALLLY want to do... Think about it.

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yeah i mean i dont really object to becoming a lawyer. however my mother especially has some serious beef and discontent towards everything, and she really doesn't like what she sees in me having no job and probably not being able to find a job after graduation. Also she always tells me she hates her marriage, career, and constantly comparing me with others like her friends, cousin's children....it just never ends and i am extremely stressed out about it...i might be in a happy mood but i get very depressed when my mother is like this...because i do not like to see her stressed over things she cannot control, yet i can't help but feel pretty much like a failure whenever she talks about these things. i mean i try but then its never good enough, like i dont know what the hell to do, it seems like i am living her life, or everything she wants me to be.


so i guess to a certain degree, i am doing this for my mom, to try make her happy for once.

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