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Nipple Piercings?

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So, i've wanted to do this for about a year, but finally I'm 18 and can get it done! I've wanted to get my nipples pierced for so long, and I had planned to do it for my birthday but one thing lead to another but FINALLY at long last, I can.


I'm planning on going next week, I'm feeling Tuesdayish.


But the big question, I've read that barbells are superior for healing. But I've also heard that hoops were easier to clean. I plan on buying H2Ocean spray to use on it.


Which do you think would be best for the initial healing period?

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I just had mine done in Feb with barbells. They healed very fast (about a month). I prefer barbells for the asthetic appearance but I'm sure both are equally as easy to clean. Also, I felt very little pain and had no bleeding. Overall the experience was very pleasant and I love my piercings!! Good luck.

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When getting a piercing, preventing infection or irritation is key. The nipple is incredibly sensitive, while a barbell might be easier..I suggest getting a ring first. Once your body gets used to it, and the initial healing process is over, you can always switch it to a barbell.

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