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Drinking and weight loss,.........

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quite a bit, but I don't drink anyways. I have mi chalice and mi ganja pipe fi times of gud dem!


however...I was gaining weight, I cut out sugar soda (dr. pepper and coca-cola and pineapple soda--so hard!!!) and I lost 10lbs in a month just by doign that! albeit, I go to the gym everyday for 45 mins at least...

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How many drinks, and what kind?


If you have 3 beers, 5 times a week, that's about 3000 calories, which is almost one pound.


If you have one glass of white wine, 3 times a week, that's about 300 calories, or 1 pound in 2.5 months.


Basically 3500 calories in a pound. A light beer is 100 and a regular beer is more like 150. White wine is around 80 to 120 calories, red wine is slightly more. The lowest calorie drinks are mixes - spirits like vodka or rum, mixed with soda water and lemon.

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I can't drop weight when I drink beer or wine; it's not about the calories, exactly, it's because they're serious carbs and sugars. They bloat me and mess with my metabolism. As soon as I skip them, I drop all water weight, and then the fat falls off.


If I find myself at a party or event when I'm dieting, I alternate vodka-seltzer and plain seltzer. Watch out for club, it's got sodium.

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i drink once/sometimes twice a week. all beer. and tons of it. i'm still pretty ripped and not gaining any weight. one day isn't going to do much if you have a good workout routine the rest of the week.


Yeah I'm pretty much with that advice. I guess it varies with every person but it really doesn't affect me personally.

If you were a chronic alcoholic drinking 5 beers every day, that'd be another story.

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i drink around 20-30 beers on a weekend day when i go out and party. that's gotta be 10,000 of calories. only so much is going to stick to your body at one time. you will urinate most out. but like mousty said, if it's a chronic habit, you will gain.

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