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*Long Post* Are We Thinking On The Terms When It Comes To A Long-Term Relationship?


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Hi Guys!


OK here's my story and my 2 questions that I need answered (Sorry if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense I still have a million emotions running through me)


I'm a college student and since the begging of this semester I had a massive crush on this one guy I had seen at the bus stop twice a week and had never gotten up the courage to say anything to him. We would smile at each other and other then the occasional "Thank You" or something like that we really didn't say much to each other, (I did end up saying something one day after my bag broke in front of him but that was just me babbling...) my friend would always try to convince me to say something to him and I wouldn't she would joke around and say "If you don't say anything to him I will say something to him."


Side Note: Last week we were walking into one of our buildings and as we got inside she said "He was looking over here" as were walking into the building she meant


So today being the last day of classes before finals I finally decided today was the day I was going to say something to him. So I saw him at the bus stop at this morning and I was going to say something to him but then every time I wanted to say something I could feel my heart beating faster and my hands were shaking like nothing else and my friend and I got on the bus and we were chatting and I was trying not to make awkward eye contact with him, even though my friend said that she thinks he could tell I liked him for a while. So we get off the bus and we decide to go and grab something to drink at the school cafe and turns out he was going into the same building so since my friend has a class there she decides to go in with me following her. So after we lost track of him we decided to go back to where our classes were and I was kicking myself for not saying anything so my freinds told me that I was going to say something to him they were pretty convinced of it to. So this afternoon I go and wait at the bus stop and my friend came and waited with me and I sit and talked to her for a bit and sure enough he showed up a few minutes later and were still talking and stuff and then the bus comes and she leaves and I get onto the bus and I get on right after him and I decided to go for so I walk over to him and say "Can I sit here?" and he kinda nodded so I sit down and say "I noticed ya at the bus stop and I never caught your name" (Or something like that and I had to repeat myself cause he took his headphones out) but anyways after I stumbled over my words I said "I never caught your name" he said "I'm Chris" and I stuck my hand out and said "I'm Erin nice to meet you" and I felt something when we shook hands to it was nice so we both got off the bus and continued to talk I felt bad leaving him so I offered to wait with him until his next bus came he said I didn't have to and I said "I don't have anything else to do"but I dunno if he heard that but he was fine with me hanging out. So we went and hung out for a little bit and kept on tallking and twords the end of our time I was wanting to get his number from him and I asked him about finals and stuff like that and said "Am I going to see you this week or next?" and he looked at me and said "I don't know I don't think so" so I said "Well why don't trade numbers?" and he said "Yeah OK" and didn't hesitate as much so we did and then I walked him to the bus stop and said "Call or text me if you wanna do something" and he smiled and said "OK" and we said our goodbyes and I was just beyond happy and I'm still beaming


So Two Questions Arise From This


1) When is to soon to call or text him about hanging out? (I was thinking about Friday my friend suggested that I text him and if we really get to talking via text then to call him)


2) Do you think the fact that he didn't really hesitate before we traded numbers means he wants something to happen and that he doesn't have a girlfriend?


*Because some guys that do have girlfriends hesitate more so or even say that they have a girlfriend before they trade numbers (Not all of them though)*





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it's hard to read into a situation like that...he may have a girlfriend, he may not. he might not know if you are interested in him as friends or something more so i dont think he'd volunteer that information necessarily. its a good sign he wanted to exchange numbers but he may not actually call/text you so you should make the first move. i'd say give it a few days and either invite him out with a group of friends or maybe to grab coffee or something casual. good luck! (new) crushes are very exciting and fun

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It could be a good sign when he didn't hesitate. I think guys with and without girl friends would hesitate normally to a girl asking for a number. For normal guys, it could come as a shock. For guys with gfs, of course there would be lag time for them to ponder about the appropriateness of this action.


However, if seems you have established a good connection with him with your chat, so he just naturally felt comfortable giving the number.


I would wait two or three days before calling him. Ask him to study with you or something.

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