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was it just a sex thang?

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hey all, so i met this girl about 6weeks ago, lets call her jane, we go to the same club every week. We got on rather well, talked online and txt for about 2weeks then she asks wether i want a relationship or just friends because her heads still messed up about her ex(of 2months) dumpin her a couple weeks ago. So i said ok then lets just be friends. So over the last few weeks ive been gettin on really well with her best friend,lets call her fran, completely un-intentionally, at first i didnt really realise i liked her because i was interested in jane. But i started to enjoyin talking/dancin with fran more than i did with jane.

Then last friday i told fran i liked her alot more than jane, fran told me she really liked me too but jane still likes me aparently and is mad at fran for talking/dancing with me. Fran says that she would suggest goin for a drink sometime but jane would be angry.

i said screw her! whats it got to do with her, we can do what we want!


So last tues night i said lets go for a drink then, she agrees, we meet up have a couple of drinks then she asks if i wanna come back to her flat, i said ok. We sit n listen to music for a bit then she jumps on me n kisses me, she says sorry she just had to do that. I carried on talkin and later she does it again.. things kinda esculate but she says that she doesnt usually have sex with a guy on the first date and she doesnt want me to think shes easy, i said exactly the same thing about myself. I tell her we dont have to do anything she doesnt want to, but she said she wanted too.. so we did have sex. Next mornin we just chilled in bed til she had to go to work, drove me home, i gave her a kiss goodbye and i told her we should go for a meal soon, she said thats a great idea.


Over the next 2 days she txt me about once a day, nothing really interesting. Then on friday we saw each other in the club(as usual), her friend jane was kinda angry still, but fran was still quite affectionate towards me even tho her best friend jane was around. At the end of the night she asks me back to hers, i go, we have sex again, next mornin, same thing, we chill in bed, she seems to be really enjoyin my company and keeps tellin me how attractive i am and how she really likes me. But she also said that shes had alot fo crap to deal with recently and i just need to give her space because shes not sure if this is what she needs right now, i wont go into it but i understand it all and yes she has had alot to deal with recently.


The next night she txts me sayin lets do something tomoro night (sunday).

So on sunday night, she txts me sayin shes finished work but her friend jane has apeared and "kidnapped" her and they've gone to the club.

I just said ok have a good time.

About 2.30am she txts askin where i was all night?

I replied sayin i stayed in and did you have a good night?


she never replied, ive heard nothing at all from her since. Its tues night now and nothing. 2 days and no contact.


So my questions is, was last week just a sex/attention thing afterall?

and is it possible she doesnt wanna carry on seeing me because shes scared her best friend will be upset with her because she likes me too (even tho she said lets just be friends) and her best friend is very important to her right now.

OR am i readin way too much into this and she is interested in me but just needs so time on her own to get her act together before having a relationship?


And im sure someone may point this out, but yes i agree we had sex way too soon, we knew each other as friends for a few weeks before hand tho. But i really dont have sex with a girl so early usualy.. dunno what happened this time, confused myself to be honest.

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i think you are reading a bit much in 2 all of this as its so soon

tbh it could mean anything i realise that ant very helpful but it really could

she could be worried about her friend (although i agree with you that it was her mate who wernt intrested )

itcould have just been sex maybe thats all she wanted from the start

or maybe she has now realised that that was all she ready for

or she could just be playing it cool as you slept together so soon maybe she trying two show you that ant how she normally plays it


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Sounds to me like she just viewed it as about the sex. Funny how she didn't mention all the stuff she was going through until after you two had sex with each other. She got what she wanted, and now she is letting you know that it won't go further. Best to let her go and not contact her. If she truly wants something with you, she will be in contact sooner or later.

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