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Where do I start?

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Me and my boyfriend of a year and several months broke up last week. I don't want to go into detail about the debt of our relationshop and all the issues leading up to the breakup right now but I do want to explain how I got into this situation. I moved 500 miles from my hometown a little less then two years ago. Months after moving I met my ex and we hit it off right away. Because of all the time I spent with him I didn't have the time to really be on my own in this city or make friends. Now that we're broken up I'm trying to make plans with the few people I do now around here and hopefully that works out.


But the question I do have is what are some of the things you did after the breakup that kep your mind off them? I spend a lot of my time alone at home or at my work by myself. It's so hard not text him or think about him and it's driving me crazy. I know I need to go out and get my mind off him but I'm finding it really really difficult.

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