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Would you react different to these scenes or the same?


Which would you react the most to?  

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  1. 1. Which would you react the most to?

    • Catching them in the act, in person
    • Catching them in the act, by photos, flicks or tape recorder
    • Discovered evidents, thus catching them in lies
    • Finding out through someone else
    • They fess up to it on their own
    • I don't know, cheating would still hurt either way
    • Other, choose more than one answer if you want to, etc

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So let's say 5 types of cheating scenes occur and according to you which one you think it's worst and would you react in a different way? Or would it be the same answer, a boot to the door right away?


Cheating scenes (any type of cheating from kissing to full blown sex)


1) You actually do catch them in the act of cheating. They had carry it on with lies but lol, it didn't took you long when all you did was walked in them with the other person doing the cheating.


2) You still catch them but not in person like the 1st scene rather you find either photos or a tape recorder of them cheating or in compromising positions.


3) No you don't catch them but you discovered them in a lie by finding out through phone bills, emails, recorded conversations, and/or other evidence that can't be deny no longer.


4) Someone else spills the beans. This someone that told you can be anyone, even the person your partner cheated with.


5) The cheater himself/herself tells you about it all. Consume with guilt he/she confesses it all. Kinda like the criminal turning himself in to the police on his own with no pressure made.


For me it would be both number 1 and 2 thus I chose the answer other as those would suck the most for sure talk about total humiliation.

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To me, cheating is cheating. All would hurt equally bad and have the same effect and end result. Catching him in the act would obviously be more shocking, but it all boils down to one thing: infidelity. And that will not be tolerated.

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If he came to me immediately the following morning and was clearly very, very remorseful, I may consider forgiving him. If he hid it from me for any length of time over about a week, no way. Game over. Don't care how I find out.

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I'd dump them in every situation, but I fear for everyone else in the room if I encountered it in person.


I did forgive when my ex cheated and fessed up right away, however, I will never go down that path again. All types of cheating is an immediate dealbreaker for me. However I doubt I would be able to stop world war three from erupting if I walked in on it.

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It's a tossup between 1 & 2. 1 is a one off event, but it's in person and you've got realtime fallout happening. 2 you'd be revisiting because you'd have it right there in front of you (picture or video) and it'd just never go away.

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I don't know what I would do in the situation.


In the past when I was younger I found out a guy I was dating lied and was seeing other girls, but I forgave him a year later and we dated briefly again.

Now I wouldn't be as forgiving having seen what I've seen in life so far. IMO cheaters will be cheaters and since I can't even imagine being in that situation ever again, when married specially, I'll just say that all would hurt me just as bad. I'd feel a huge sense of dissapointment and hurt.


And catching them in the act is best I guess. That way they can't lie and it's easier to accept. Plus as la isla said: I'd get to smack them both!


A guy I was dating fessed up to me a few days later he slept with his ex and I spent the whole night crying my eyes out. Even my sister saw me- that was a first. She still teases me b/c I "cried over a boy" lol.


What would hurt most is if they left me for another woman I think. I'd keep wondering what *I* did wrong or why she was better- it's just something you can't help.

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