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Ladies - do you enjoy receiving rimjobs?


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After reading the recent thread about some of the health concerns of rimjobs, I got to wondering if women in general liked to receive rimjobs?


I know, it's a personal preference thing, but I'd like to see if we have a majority going one way or the other.


And if you like to receive, is the pleasure derived from the physical stimulation itself, from the naughtiness of the act, or from the fact that your partner delights in performing it?

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How about if you didn't it was coming?


Like a rimjob sneak attack?


This I like, once in a blue moon.


If someone wanted it as common fare, then it would become a turn off for me.


I have no particular attraction to it, but it can feel nice. And add some naughty spice - especially when it's a surprise, and especially if it's not all for me.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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