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How To Start Planning A Wedding???

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So my fiance and I set a date.. June 12 2010


I dont know where to start!!! should I start planning now?

What do I do first... and what all do i have to do?




reception location





guest list


gift registry

bridesmaids/ groomsmen clothes

roles in the wedding


is there anything else??


i just dont know where to start

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register on link removed, I think they have a free wedding planner guide you can use. My friend is getting married this fall and she said it's really helped keep her organized. Definitely start planning now! There's so much to do.

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What about going out and buying a wedding planner book? I think it's really a necessity, that way you can keep everything in order, keep track of what you've bought, phone numbers, etc. Just will make your life easier.

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thats what my soon-to-be mother-in-law suggested..

I will go get one of those.

I suppose after Finals are over next week i will sit down with my planner and really start to think of what i need to do and start planning.

I want my mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law to help me plan it.


im just so overwhelmed..


oh and i forgot wedding bands on the list above...

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Have you found a church/or location and a banquet hall yet? That would be the very first thing I did, as places tend to book up REALLY fast and far in advance. June is an extremely popular time to get married. You're going to want to book this right away. It's really important that you don't put it off.

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thanks, that is a smart idea i didnt even think about june being a popular month..


i will have to discuss with my fiance and my mom about our location... i have a couple churchs in mind


I have...ohhh... let's see...6 (i think) years of banquet experience (I've worked in a very upscale place and a lower end place, plus random catering jobs) and if there's one thing I learned it's book early! When I worked at the upscale place, it was in such high demand there was a 3-5 year waiting list, depending on which room you wanted Same goes for the church.


I just looked on the calendar, 6/12 is also on a Saturday--most popular day for obvious reasons. All the more reason to book early!

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Yeah, the demand is going to be high wherever you go, given the date you've chosen. I live in a decent sized city now, but back home was a very small town (where I worked at the upscale hotel).

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Yeah, most definitely! People don't seem to realize (from my first hand experience with booking banquet halls) this and I can't tell you how many times a bride-to-be would come in, looking to book something 6 months in advance and get turned down because everything was simply booked up.


Have you chosen your maid-of-honor? She should be helping with all of this too!


Ugh, I so want to plan a wedding. I miss it.

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I agree. Book the place now. And, book a band or DJ. They also tend to get busy and are booked way ahead.


Since you are a list person, I'd buy a couple of the glossy bridal magazines. If I remember correctly, they all have articles about wedding planning, including "to do" lists with timelines.



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Alrght, at this point you have 13 months... What you need to be doing now:

-Choosing your bridal party

-Are you having an engagement party? If so, set date for this

-Work out your budget

-Consult with both families and work out the guest list

-Will you have a wedding announcement for the paper?

-Start researching honeymoon stuff

-As mentioned before, the venue

-Meet with the priest/pastor/officiant

-Figure out times for your wedding day (ceremony, reception, photos, etc)

-Start researching flowers, go to different vendors and see what they have in their portfolios

(Side note: It's VERY important to keep good track of all contracts, paperwork, etc. I suggest getting some sort of filing system--there's going to be a lot of it)

-Book your DJ

-If you're having an outdoor wedding, book your tent rental (this is very important if you'll be having anything outside)

-Choose your photographer/videographer


6-12 months:

-Have your first fitting of your wedding gown asap

-Figure out a date for all of the bridesmaids to get together and get fitted for their dresses. Generally, you order dresses 6 months or so in advance

-Order your invitations asap (I've seen so many invitation troubles, getting typos and all that)

-Order wedding rings

-Hire your driving service (limo, whatever)

-Meet with your caterer and work out a budget, work out your menu, etc.

-Wedding cake stuff--go in for tasting, order cake


You mentioned a church wedding. Chances are you'll have to start premarital counseling. Look into this asap as well.


-Around the 6 month mark, start getting your stylist ready. Make an appointment to try out different hairstyles (bring your veil if you're wearing one)

-Also, make an appointment for your hair and makeup to be done for you and your bridal party


That should get you started for now.

-Plan rehearsal dinner

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Congratulations!! That's so exciting!


My bf & I are thinking we are probably going to get married next summer before I (more than likely) leave on a deployment for a year. But we aren't officially engaged yet. Not sure when exactly he is thinking, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have a year to plan a wedding!


I feel like you... it's so overwhelming to even think about everything that needs to be done. I would get one of those wedding planner books.

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this may not need mentioning... but I think THEE first place to start is knowing how much you have to spend... If money is not an issue, then cool!! But this all adds up really quickly.


My ex and I spent about 9K (15 years ago) on our wedding, not including the honeymoon...and we cut back from original plans.


Relax and enjoy it! even through the stress! Congrats!

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thanks you have all been so helpful..


No, money is not an issue.


My mom is making my cake- she is brilliant at it..


2 of my sisters are cosmotologists, so they are doing my hair and make-up.


I have thought out all of my bridal party, we know all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, all of that.


and most likely my uncle will be the photographer...


thanks for all of the congrats!! we are so excited!

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I know of a great person to get wedding invitations from. She's a girl I went to school with and her invitations are amazing. She just started a business from it and I'm spreading the word. PM me if you want the weblink

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