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Asking for a raise

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I've worked at nonprofit (cultural institution) since last July. This is my first job out of college, but I did 4 internships in this field in college and was very well-qualified for the job that I got - what essentially amounted to an administrative assistant in the department that I have experience in. My salary is in the mid-to-high range for a nonprofit of this size, but it's a pittance for living in a large city, and I've had trouble for months making ends meet.


I was hired to do mostly (maybe 75-80%) administrative work and basically just serve as an additional set of hands for the department when the need came up. As they learned that I was able to do way more than that, however, my responsibilities have increased exponentially. I write a lot, I've managed projects on my own, and I've done many tasks that are far and above administrative.


I love the job, but everything is coming to a head for 2 reasons:

1) my workload is getting insane. I managed a major mess with a huge sponsor of ours while both my boss and her VP were out of town last week. And I've worked the last 2 weekends and will work the next for events (2 full Sundays and a half Saturday). While I knew that I would have to work evening and weekends occasionally, I'm the only person in my department who is working EVERY event. I'm exhausted.

2) The part-time staff member in our department recently announced that she'll be leaving the company in mid-May. In all likelihood, due to the organization's money struggles, they will not be refilling this position. Myself and one of our VPs are the only people who can do the tasks she had been doing. This likely means I'll be absorbing at least part of her workload.


My performance review is in 2 weeks. My boss, VP, and our whole department have said over and over what a great job I'm doing and how thankful they are for all that I do. I know that the organization is struggling financially, but I have gone far above and beyond what has been asked of me, and I'm starting to feel very resentful of them because of my pitiful title and salary. I'm really feeling taken advantage of, especially if I will be getting more work when my coworker leaves.


How do I go about asking for a raise? I don't want to permanently harm my reputation with management by doing this and having them laugh in my faces.

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Why not approach the topic by first telling them how much you have learned by being allowed to go above and beyond your initial job title and job description. Tell them that it has been a great opportunity for professional growth and was hoping they would modify your job title to better reflect the work you have been doing. Then use that as a springboard to ask if something could be done about the salary.

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