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Your past relationship in Six Words

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Yes ... now ask yourself why did I ignore all the flags ? there is a root cause either a belief or emotion that is responsible for this behavior. These are the types of things that once identified will drastically change the types of relationships you create and the partners you attract.


Yup! Did that. HARD WORK! Fab payoff. Still cranking away at the emotional self-sufficiency aspect, but much better. This is a great exercise, making articulate what I did in my head a year-ish ago. I recommend it to others who are willing to take the plunge.

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The Cowboy: We both thought he was flawless.

The Mogul: I took the game too far.

The Programmer: "But...why are you crying though?"

The One That Broke Me: Passion or Heroin...what's more dangerous?

My (ex) fiancee: Tender love. But love isn't enough.

The Yoga Teacher: I'm pretty sure he raped me.

The Ugly One: I learned what is not okay.

The Musician: Even empty wells make loud echoes.

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he wanted "somebody", I wanted love

it was actually (while it lasted) the best relationship I ever had

but we were too different, and admitting it and going our separate ways was very hard

I hope he finds someone with whom he can be as happy and as in love as I am now

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