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i cant turn of my feelings on cheating ex

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oh my god i think im going out of my mind!!!!

i was with somebody for 2 years...they cheated on me so eventually i fount the courage to finish it, then i got with somebody else...they were great at first then it got to serious for me in such a small ammount of time that ive ended it.. that was about 2 weeks ago

one of the main reason i had to end it is because i realised im not over my ex boyfriend

when i was with my boyfriend i used to meet up with my ex, not for anything physical, just to talk..mny ex used to say things about how he loves me and wants me back..literally begging me, and i told him no...until now

i met up with my ex roughly the day after i split up with my bf, and things were said, one thing lead to another and i slept with him...i feel ashamed that it happened but it felt so right!!!! its as though it was meant to be, and deep down i know it is

but then i fount out that he was dating somebody...he told me he really likes this other girl but that he loves me...he says that he doesnt know what toi do because hes scared incase he gets back with me and we start arguing all the time agaiin...

so monday this week he rings me up saying hes working away, he asked me to go to see him, so i went, took me like an hour but i went to see him...

it was an amazing nyte...we talked,watched tele, he cuddled me all nyte and it just made me want to cry!!!

ive tried to get other this guy but i really cant

ive told him i forgive him for cheating on me and that i want him to be with me again, and now hes saying he doesnt no what he wants

am just left in a spin and its killing me..i want him so badly!!!

please any advice greatly appreciated


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Get over it.


If you were the right gal for him he wouldn't "like" the other girl as well. When you really want something you put all your time and energy into. Do you see that effort on his part? Nope, therefore you're not what he is to you. That should be enough for you.

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I know how you feel and I am so sorry. These situations can be so horrible and it is easy for you to lose sleep and focus on the things that you have to do for yourself. I've been there. I suggest finding a new hobby. I started taking pictures. It does not 'cure' you of your feelings but it keeps you occupied. Stay away from you ex until you are sure he is not dating someone else. You deserve better.

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You're doing to his girlfriend exactly what he did to you, is that fair? stop, say you can't keep doing it unless he splits with her, if he loves you like he says then he should'nt have an issue doing it.


He seems like he finds it more exciting and appealing when its wrong.

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You have to keep in mind that he cheated on you, and now he's cheating on this girl who he's currently with, by sleeping with you.


I think he's showing you what his true character really is.


Also, by sleeping with him, you're setting yourself back to square one, since he cheated on you, and he's now cheating on the next victim.

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you never got over your ex because you never kicked his loser butt out of your life.

and now you are the OW?

hope karma doesnt exist for your sake.


dont be charmed by the fact he is sleeping with you. most likely you are just one of many.. many other women.

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ano thats wots horrible but i didnt find that he was dating somebody until after... a just dont know what do, i hate it, it hurts so bad

does it ever really go away

a just want him to pick me but i know he wont do it


thank u for your replies

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