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is it wrong to be jealous in this situation?


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So one of my ex boyfriends dated me on the rebound from this one girl. Now, I didn't know it at thetime although I guess he talked so much about her I should have figured it out. In the end of it, he ruthlessly broke up with me. In two months, he had someone and married her. Well,I met her(the exgirlfriend he rebounded from) at a party a bit later and she is about three years younger than I am. She told me he was verbally abusive to her, to. And he was. He was to me, also, very cruel. In any case, she seems to be a very nice person. At that party, the man who rejected me and lead me on for many years was there and he said he thought she was pretty and he said he thought we both were pretty. Well, it bothered me...the ex using me as a rebound and the thought that perhaps she was better.


Shes on facebook and she's always uploading pictures of her and her handsome beau kissing, doing whatever. I wouldn't date the guy myself, his personality isn't my type...but he's a good, loyal, religious, devoted, committed, handsome man. And I can't help but feel a bit jealous. She found someone who is good who she truly loves deeply,she's younger and shes getting married.


She invited me to the wedding, but I am having a hard time beinghappy for her. I really am. I just feel so jealous that she has found what I always wanted and she is younger than I am and she is taken care of and she is content. And that men have compared me to her and made her come up favorably. Her personality is nothing like mine...I'ma very outspoken person, and literary...while she is very normal. But, I feel like I'm wrong for feeling the way I do?

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Dreaming of my ex-boyfriend hugging...
Dreaming of my ex-boyfriend hugging me


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