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Hey guys. First post... Well, my relationship is unusual as it is...


I was in my second year of college when I met my current boyfriend. He lived in my hometown about 3 hours away. So at the start of our relationship, it was long distance. But he did not have obligations to school and got weekends off, so we got to see eachother practically every single weekend.


He decided to return to college, and moved to my city after being accepted at my school. I think what makes this current situation very hard for me is that we decided to live together. It was more for financial reasons. However, I love him very much and we got along very well. We lived together for two years. But I recently graduated in December and my lease was going to run out in May. In anticipation of this, he moved into his own place in February with a roomie, a friend of his.


It has been very hard having a relationship that is going to reverse, so to speak. Suddenly, in his eyes, it became unacceptable for us to spend as much time together as we used to. I think he is trying to "wean" us of eachother, something to that effect. He feels the need to have separate time with new friends, which makes me feel like I am hogging him because I want us to have lots of quality time together before I move away. It sucks, but I am trying to give him more space.


Anyway, background aside, I now am questioning whether or not I should continue having a relationship with him after I move. I understand it is supposed to be hard for me to go, regardless, but don't know if I feel up to the challenge. I feel slightly used by him for financial stability based on his actions since he moved out. Some of his new friends are female, which would not bother me, but he never sought female friends prior to moving out. It has caused some conflict between us, and I suppose an LDR would aggravate it.


As I understand it, we would probably only see eachother every month or so. Which isn't too bad, I know. What do you think? Try a LDR or not?

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I'm guessing after being together for so long that you love him? I don't think you should be questioning trying if you really do care about him and love him. Sure your relationship may seem like a step backwards, but you're in a different situation so he's going to feel like he needs to spend more time with the guys. I mean, you did a LDR before, if he wants it, then why not? Its all about both of you being willing to put int he effort to talk a lot and enjoying each others company with what little time you spend together and just continuing to love one another. LDRs are hard, but at least you gave it a shot if it doesn't work out in the end...

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