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I've been with my partner for 5 months. We knew each other for about a year or so before, and were friends, but she was in a relationship so nothing could happen, obviously. There was a lot of flirting and a lot of suggestive texts etc, and after they broke up, we eventually got together. Now it might seem like nothing but my partner's PIN code for her phone etc is the date of when she and her ex met/got together or whatever. (IE if it was the 4th October, the PIN would be 0410) Before you think I'm some crazy one who wants to know PIN codes etc, it's not a big deal...it's the same code for her bank details, credit card, TV etc, so it's not a secret.


Do you think I'm being too overreactive in getting a bit pissed that when I want to watch an 15/18 rated movie during the day on tv or something, the code I always need to put in is their anniversary?


I've not said anything to her about it.



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