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He e-mailed back....

Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS
Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS

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Now I hoping he e-mails again and wondering when to expect him to ask for my number? I forgot to ask questions in my e-mail, is that bad? I got into a long story about the car I just bought, how my other car was unrepairable, etc. Of all the guys I e-mailed this is the one I'm intersted in, so now I want to progress faster.


I'm not even sure if he read my profile. Do guys usually read profiles before e-mailing? He says he doesn't want kids, which is great because I really shouldn't have anymore, and well the trouble is I have two (yes I claim them both because they're in my life) but I don't have custody. So I'm wondering if he's reading anything or just going with the picture on the header page.

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