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If I can't change the past, can I change the results?


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Hey guys. I have been doing a lot of thinking as to why I am how I am in certain aspects. For example, growing up the youngest of four has had its toll on my needs.


I have grown up sheltered from life, and it only recently hit me that I really like people. I like the interaction, I like the attention, and I love the crazy nights with the best friends that will never be forgotten.


When I was young, my parents would not force me to go anywhere. I would sit home all day and play games after school, and would never interact with people, outside of the 2-3 friends that I had, which by the way I have no idea how they stuck around. If you have seen the movie Yes Man, then that is exactly how I used to be.


After two horribly traumatic experiences with girls, one literally involved me sitting in a car being made fun of because of me being awkward, and another involving the girl that I liked a lot dating me because she liked my brother, the toll of my childhood really hit me.



From my parents I have gotten horrible anxiety 24/7 and just a fear of everything. I try to avoid these thoughts, but I can't. They have affected my grades in school, my social interaction with other people, and many other aspects of my life. Will these be stuck with me forever, or is it changable?

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