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I need help for my best friend


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Hey ena, glad I found you guys.


I'm here to help my best friend with girls. With spring here and lots of pda and girls dressing for the weather, he's been feeling especially lonely and depressed. He hardly shows these feelings. It was only recently he opened up to me and expressed his loneliness. Myself and my gf have been trying to help him out. We're all juniors in college, btw.


My friend's lack of success with girls really puzzles me and my gf. This is a guy who you'd expect to be a total lady killer. He's a very good looking guy, tall, ripped, very athletic. He trains usually twice a day for his sport and is really hardcore about pushing his physical abilities. He's also very intelligent, both with with school and street smart. The guy has really good grades as a biochemical engineer, but he never brags or talks about it. He's very modest. My friend is also an amazing singer, pianist, guitarist, and songwriter. He plays some gigs now and then with him and his keyboard and he's really good. He's into darker stuff that might not appeal to most people, but my gf loves when he plays and she's not into any of that.


He had some mental issues in the past. College was the first time he actually had a place to meet girls. Never had any friends in high school. He doesn't have many friends now, just me and a few others, but I think he likes just hanging around a few people. He can be a loner sometimes, but that doesn't mean he isn't enjoyable to be around. He's funny and sarcastic, but at the same time he would take a bullet for any of his friends.


We don't get to go out and drink much because of our sport, but one or two times in the past few times we went out with my gf and some of her friends and she tried to hook them up with him. My gf and I would watch from a distance as he would talk to them, and he seemed like he was doing fine. He smiled, laughed, made them laugh, and seemed pretty confident. Afterwards, when my gf would talk to her friends, they wouldn't want him. It kind of pisses me off because they would reject him for little stupid things, like his nose being too big or his voice being too low. One said she noticed his hand would jitter a bit and she thought it was creepy. The guy takes medication that makes his muscles jitter as a side effect. I honestly don't see how they can reject him for being boring or creepy, because he's not those things at all. I really hope most girls are not this analytical towards guys. If they're rejecting him for this crap, then I can't imagine they're accepting any other guy.


I really want to help this guy find a good girl. He's really shown himself to be a great guy to me and my gf and we don't want to see him down in the dumps. He can handle his projection of these feelings pretty well, which is why we thought he didn't have a problem for so long, but it's gotta be hard for him to avoid those feelings when you walk out and see college guys and girls showing affection all over the place.


What can his problem be and what can we do to help him?

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